The Friend

New level of depth in working with people

Docent: Nishant Matthews
Datum: vrijdag 23 t/m zondag 25 november 2019
Locatie: Levensschool Venwoude, Lage Vuursche
Kosten: €480,- (inclusief maaltijden, exclusief verblijf)
Deelnemers: minimaal 15 en maximaal 25
Voertaal: Engels
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In these times of crisis and transformation, many of us are being called to offer a new level of depth in our working with people.

In essence, we are being asked, “Can we be with others in a way that they recover hope, recover connection with themselves, discover the ways of turning on their own intelligence and connection?” Traditionally, in times of stress people contract and freeze and diminish contact with themselves. That approach is great if you have to join the army. In this time, however, something new is being born in the collective consciousness of people. We are invited to contribute to this new birth, to be co-creators of what is being born. We are being asked to be a resource place for other people who are looking for the same. While there is a huge amount of support coming from the outside, the real birthing must come from within. When we know how to really be with others, the Friend quality allows our clients and friends and family to be with themselves in ways that the old dysfunctional emotions and thought forms drop away and the light inside turns on. The inner light is a resource point inside each of us, a place of timeless presence, clarity, unconditional love, and enormous creativity. When that light turns on, we have a viable alternative for living a real life based on the truth of who we are and the truth of who we are made to be. For this, the therapist needs to go past techniques of “what I do to you” to the quality of Presence that says, “How can I be with you in a way that your inner resources turn on?” For those who know the art, this is the most wonderful way of sharing.

Skills covered:

  • Recognizing and transforming rigidity from emotional pain
  • Touch techniques for re-balancing trauma
  • Breath techniques for journeying personal reality
  • Ways to discover what you are here to share….your personal gifts for these times
  • Helping your clients go from being re-actors to being Creators


Deze Masterclass is toegankelijk voor Rebalancers en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten.

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