Roger Tolle


Roger is a Practitioner and Instructor of the Trager® Approach to Movement Education and Mind Body Integration. Besides teaching for Trager International in English and German, he also consults with massage schools and individual bodyworkers on movement issues in the bodywork practice, gives presentations on bodywork and somatic movement education at various conferences, and does private and group training integrating body, mind, sex and spirit.

He has a B.A. in Theatre/Movement, and spent 15 years as a professional modern dancer and choreographer in Boston and New York City. The fluidity, playfulness and elegance from his dance career are everywhere evident in the way he embodies Trager principles.

He began his Trager practice in 1984 in New York City. He now lives in Charlottesville, VA, where he maintains a private practice when not on the road teaching.

From his dance and Trager background, through his extensive study with pioneers in the field of somatic movement education, and through his personal practice of movement meditations, Roger developed a series of workshops in “Movement and Transformation”. Since 1989, he has been teaching these workshops around the world.