Masterclass Trager Approache: Opening the Heart

Trager Approache: Opening the Heart

Increase your Sensibility and Presence

In the Opening the Heart weekend, we employ movement, sound, visualization and group support to open our Hearts and the associated subtle energies of compassion, healing and sense of oneness. We explore how and why our professional lives put extra demands on the Heart and how to avoid the “bodyworker’s hunch”. And we practice skills of compassionate listening, kinesthetic observation, and non-invasive touching.

Class Objectives:

  • To learn how to release tension, reduce stress, and build balanced support in the upper body.
  • To palpate and assist freer movement and fuller awareness in a partner’s hands, arms, shoulders, and ribs.
  • To sense breath, space, ease, elasticity, elongation, and freedom of movement in themselves, and in a supine partner.
  • To develop feeling connection to partners through kinesthetic observation, compassionate listening, and non-invasive touch.
  • To discover personal movement/awareness truths through open exploration.
  • To gain a basic understanding of some of the principles of Trager Movement Education and Mind/Body Integration.
  • To explore how these movement principles bring new depth and lightness to a bodywork practice.

Your stay at Venwoude:

The Masterclass is residential. You book and pay your stay directly at Venwoude. Click here for the costs and possibilities and for booking your room.

Verblijf op Venwoude:

De Masterclass is residentieel. Je verblijf boek en betaal je rechtstreeks bij Venwoude. Klik hier voor de kosten en mogelijkheden en voor het boeken van je kamer.


Masterclass Trager Approach, Opening the Heart
Vrijdag 8 april t/m zondag 10 april 2022
Begeleiding: Roger Tolle
Lokatie: Lage Vuursche, Venwoude
Kosten: € 595
Deze workshop is toegankelijk voor RB's en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten

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