Masterclass Myofascial Energetic Release

Myofascial Energetic Release

Healing Trauma with Breath, Movement and Touch


How to effectively support your client in healing trauma through Myofascial Energetic Release because trauma is everywhere!!

Physical tension, spasms and weakness in the body are often a result of how we physically and emotionally move through our life. A person may be moving too little or doing daily repetitive work causing the fascia to harden. The fascia may start to stick to the surrounding physical structures, causing feelings of pain and stiffness. However, as bodyworkers each of us have become aware of physical tension arising as a result of repressed feelings and memories.

An emotion is “Energy-In-Motion”. If this energy is disrupted in taking its natural course the emotion becomes stuck as myofascial hyper- or hypo tension in the body. The breathing becomes shallow, resulting in less oxygen nourishing the cells.  Our tissues constrict in protection or we may become overwhelmed with the stress and collapse. If we remain in a cyclic pattern of resisting and pushing back a feeling or memory, we unconsciously create a holding pattern that freezes the energy inside of our tissues. This frozen energy eventually evolves into a personality character type. Psychologist Wilhelm Reich named these character structures “Frozen History”’.

No one escapes the forming of a character structure, as we develop them in early childhood. We eventually begin to identify with a character structure and it becomes our default mechanism in how we relate to ourselves and how we interact with others and the world. Our body-heart-and mind become ‘Armoured’. This armour is designed to protect us from the harshness of the world. However, this energetic buffer blocks us from authentically connecting from the truth of our hearts.

In this Masterclass you will learn the fundamentals of working with underlying trauma in the body. How to un-mantle the armour, to charge and regulate the discharge of energy. What are the zones of fear in the body and how can you work with the Vagus Nerve to restore the frozen flow of a disrupted traumatic Fight/Flight/Freeze reaction within the autonomic nervous system.

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Masterclass Myofascial Energetic Release - Healing Trauma, Movement and Touch with Breath
Vrijdag 28 oktober t/m zondag 30 oktober 2022
Begeleiding: Satyarthi Peloquin
Lokatie: Lage Vuursche, Venwoude
Kosten: € 595
Deze workshop is toegankelijk voor RB's en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten

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