Masterclass Energy Psychology

How to align the person we are with the body we live in?

Master Points for Balance


Energy psychology is the art of aligning our energy, psychology, and body into a smooth, deep flowing unity.

Here people come to know their organic unity: the depth of being that opens when energy is both free and balanced, psychology is both alert and still, and the body is nourished through touch and inner presence.

This masterclass with Akhail will teach the basics of energy psychology and the foundations of where to touch, how to touch, when to use it, and in what ways it can simplify traditional bodywork.  You will learn concepts and keys for restoring energy fluidity.  Ways to handle chronic pain.  Ways to work with confusion and depression. And, perhaps most important of all, how to align the person we are with the body we live in.


Informatie met betrekking tot overnachting:

Locatie: Centrum OostRaven in Epe  De workshop is residentieel.
Er zijn op Centrum Oostraven 11 x 2-persoonskamers en 2 x 3-persoonskamers beschikbaar. De kamerindeling ontstaat bij aankomst op Centrum Oostraven.
Kosten: De kosten voor het weekend zijn inclusief vol pension en verblijf.



Masterclass Energy Psychology
Donderdag 27 april t/m zondag 30 april 2023
Aankomst 27 april vanaf 9.30, start 10.00u.
Afronding 30 april rond 17.00u.
Deze Masterclass is inclusief eten en overnachting.
Begeleiding: Akhail (Nishant) Matthews
Lokatie: Epe, Oostraven
Kosten: € 795
Deze workshop is toegankelijk voor RB's en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten

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