Composing Multi-Dimensional Sessions

Opening the gates

A good rebalancing session is composed of different levels. Primarily these are physical, emotional, and soul.  We need to know how to recognize which layer is calling as first priority and how to gain access to the other layers as well.

A person is something like a gated community: what we do with the physical body can open the gates to working with the emotions and this in turn can open the gates to soul support.  That is the traditional way. In these individualistic times, it could be that the emotions are calling first and the physical second and the soul is third, or some other combination.

In this training you will learn how to recognize who is calling and develop the sensitivity to know what they are asking for. You will also come to know how the current themes of your life will affect what you offer and how your bodywork can be wonderful, worthy way of following your spiritual journey.

This kind of knowing doesn’t come in books or hang out online, but it is possible to catch it in a Presence field and quickly learn how to share it and use it to support yourself and your clients on their multi-dimensional journeys of these times.

CORONA: If necessary, the Masterclass is given with taking into account the corona measures from the RIVM!

Coronaprotocol Rebalancing School

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