Masterclass ARUN Consious Touch

ARUN Conscious Touch

All Life moves through Touch and being Touched

Anubuddha is one of the founders of Rebalancing Bodywork and it is a blessing dat Anubuddha & Anasha will come to the Rebalancing School again to share their long experience and knowledge with us!

Anubuddha about ARUN Conscious Touch:

Through ARUN Conscious Touch we learn to touch with much more than our hands! We experience and we share the loving, mystical Touch of Meditation. Experience that your Body is the greatest miracle in all of Existence, and that you are actually a “Vibrating Bio-Electro Magnetic Field of Energy, infused with Consciousness”.

We develop our innate ability to touch and be touched without expectations, judgments or comparisons, allowing us to open ourselves to feel in a relax way and make a learning out of this experience.

Arun Conscious Touch has the potential to transform lives, and in this unique way to become able to appreciate the beauty of “watch inside” and meet ourselves with the silence of the heart. Touching with the attitude of “Tathata” or unconditional acceptance, the natural life in the body and he/she has learned how to use their touch in a safe, intimate way that helps the bodymind relax, and the inner awareness expand.

The Benefits of ARUN Conscious Touch are:

  • Awareness of natural Breath of Meditation, which automatically amplifies and expands our breathing capacity.
  • Ability to observe mind, emotions, sensations and feelings.
  • Harmonisation of inner energetic anatomy.
  • Reconnecting with our own body.
  • Tension releasing and Freedom from Pain, in all 5 Bodies.
  • How to Meditate while you Touch, and how to teach clients how to Meditate while they receive.
  • Say goodbye to burnout and unfulfilled expectations.
  • And the joy of living….



Masterclass Arun Consious Touch, All Life Moves Through Touch and Being Touched
Donderdag 9 juni t/m zondag 12 juni 2022
Begeleiding: Anubuddha & Anasha
Lokatie: Heerde, Helios Centrum
Kosten: € 795
Deze workshop is toegankelijk voor RB's en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten

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