ARUN Medicine Buddha

A Healing Journey

Docenten: Anubuddha en Anasha
Locatie: The Land of Now,  Siddeburen
Datum: zaterdag 22 t/m woensdag 26 juni 2019 (5-daagse)
Kosten: € 795,- (inclusief accommodatie en maaltijden)
Aantal deelnemers: maximaal 26
Voertaal: Engels

This past year, Anubuddha and Anasha have begun a new phase of their ARUN Academy which they call “ARUN Medicine Buddha”. It is bringing everything they are passionate and what they share into one, organic unity- Conscious Touch, Yoga, Breath of Meditation, Healing, Regenerative Detoxification, Hara awareness, Electro-magnetic energy line flow, Chua Ka, Mindfulness, Freedom from Pain, and more… Their quest is to help people become free of the modern medical/psychological realms, and learn how to not only be vibrantly healthy in your physical health, mental health, heart chakra health… also to be able to access the source of our inner Consciousness. All of this in simple, practical ways for yourself, and then how to share this treasure with your loved ones and clients.

To live as a Medicine Buddha is a very rich and multi-dimensional understanding of the Human Energy Field and Consciousness, with many branches encompassing every aspect of Life. It is the meeting of authentic Yoga, Witnessing, and the Healing Arts. Are you ready to join Anubuddha and Anasha on this wonderful 5 day Medicine Buddha Retreat?

Anubuddha: “I have a deep connection with Holland and the Dutch people I have met since becoming a sannyasin in 1976… In 1980, after 4 intense years of personal preparation, ‘un-learning”, and experimenting.

Osho asked me and 5 others to begin creating and sharing “Rajneesh Rebalancing” in his Ashram in India. This was a dream come true for me, and it continues to flower and expand inside. It was here that I began meeting Dutch friends and sharing meditative touch with them. I helped organize and create with Satyarthi the very first Rebalancing Training in Holland which happened in 1981. In 1983, I was sent by Osho and the Commune to Amsterdam to present and share Osho Rebalancing through individual sessions, demonstrations, and small workshops (I loved Amsterdam and the energy of the Commune!). And then, after the Ranch in Oregon ended, in 1985, I flew again to Amsterdam to meet Satyarthi, as we wanted to set up the International Osho Rebalancing Academy in Europe, during Osho’s mystical “world Tour”. It was at the Dutch “Osho Mystery School” on Corneilius Plein that I met Anasha, who was the co-ordinator of the very successful Osho Mystery School Therapy, Healing Arts, and Meditation Center… and in a few weeks we will celebrate 30 years of being intimately in love and creativity together. In Italy the following year, Barbara, Rob, and Jeanine began learning and experiencing Osho Rebalancing with us, and that transformed their whole inner vision and direction of Life. (They were a lot of fun to work with!!!). A few years later, they created the Dutch Rebalancing Association, that continues to flourish and transform peoples’ lives.  Over the past 40 years in Pune, US, Spain, many advanced Rebalancing Trainings in Holland (in 88, 89, 90, 91,), Greece, Portugal, Brazil, and here in our present home in Vilcabamba, Anasha and I have enjoyed sharing and meditating with Dutch friends. So we are very happy to “keep the “Evolution” of Conscious Touch alive this coming June… I hope many of you will join us. Sending smiles and good vibrations your way… with love, Anubuddha”

Deze Masterclass is toegankelijk voor Rebalancers en andere lichaamsgerichte therapeuten.

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