Nishant: Barbara Dreams

Barbara came into Nishant’s Dreams. He asked us to share his dreams with the Rebalancing Field.

First Dream

In a dream state, suddenly I am on a train coming into Schiphol airport, an experience I am all too familiar with. In the car with me I notice Barbara sitting there. First time I have ever had seen Barbara in any of my dreams, and I was quite surprised. I hadn’t been thinking of her for months now, and suddenly here she is. She was wearing a KLM uniform (!!) and told me that she is now working with long distance travel.  I was surprised, but she said she was ready for a second job besides her practice and wanted something new.

As we went to get off the train, she gave me one of her Barbara looks and said, “Don’t forget…we have an appointment in two days.”

I told her I would be there.


When I woke up, I was very curious about what our appointment in two days would mean. Was I going to die or something?

Four days later, I woke up with intense pain in the lower back and initially thought it was a kidney stone trying to pass. Later I learned it was an infection in the kidney and bladder and all the little tubes in between. The one thing I knew was that it hurt…a lot.


Second Dream

The second day of the kidney pain, I had to go back to bed in the morning because it hurt so much.  When I got in bed, I remembered Barbara had all this kidney pain and stuff, so I guessed that this might be what our appointment was for. She was going to show me something here that might help with kidney pain.

I closed my eyes and went to her house on Van Beverningk in the Hague for my “appointment” with her.

She answered the door with a smile. She was clearly in her Angel body… luminous…a soft, clear white light shining from all of her.  She escorted me up to the session room. When we were both inside her session room, she turned to me and smiled. Then she said, “I know you have been working with light for all these years, and now I am going to show you the real light that you–and all of us–are made from.

She opened her hands radiated a blissful white light towards me. When her light touched my body, it turned on that same light inside my body. I began glowing in synchronicity with her! It was blissful, amazing, and wondrous.

In her Barbara style, she didn’t get too impressed with all of this. She stayed centered and grounded and kept upping the intensity levels, driving the point home deeper and deeper. Barbara held my eyes with her strength and confidence, transferring the courage to take more of light, and to let go of solid “me” and discover luminous “me.” It was intense! After some time, she smiled. Then she said, “now you have got it, you can go and share it even more.  You can also call on me when you want…and be sure to get your kidneys taken care of!”

I came out of the meeting totally surprised and energized. Barbara is back!  Seems like Barbara wants to offer her guide spirit again…and not just for me…for others also.



Awake in the night with the pain, I remember her light. I bring a big green field of light out of my heart and then “pull” the red, hurt kidney up into the green peace of my heart. Pain stops within a minute.

Same idea works every time over the next week that the pain is too much. Just turn on the light field, and bring the pain into it.