The Magic of Movement 2019

A 5-day after summer retreat on Corsica


Would you like to connect with the deeper layers within you? To take the space, to really be yourself? Get insight into what moves you? And next to that also be able to unwind and relax?

Get out of your usual rut and take the trip to Corsica for the international Rebalancing retreat, The Magic of Movement. In the splendid setting of the beautiful nature of this island we will guide you into movement in a loving way, helping you re-connect to the natural wisdom of your body.

Under the guidance of an experienced team of facilitators you will experience Rebalancing massage, dance, vocal expression, breath-work, active Osho meditations and personal inquiry. You will learn about your old survival patterns and about where you are standing today. Go ‘out of your head’ and learn to be in the ‘here and now’! The Magic of Movement will relax you and help you connect with your sense of freedom. You will feel energized and gain more self-confidence and awareness. The workshop will also give you a good impression of what Rebalancing has to offer.

Our group-room is by the beach. You will sleep on the premises and you can choose whether to stay in a house or in a tent. You can extend your stay if you like to enjoy a holiday on Corsica. This 5-day retreat goes from Monday to Friday. Everyone is welcome regardless of profession, age or previous experience.


“The body is your friend. It is not your enemy.
Listen to its language and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body and you turn its pages, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life”.



Practical Information

Kirsten Storm, Ketu Bo, Inge Kraan and assistants.

Dates retreat:
Monday 7 October at 10:00 hours to Friday 11 October 2019 at 17:00 hours
We advise you to arrive already on Saturday, before the start of the retreat. You can arrive even earlier than that and also stay after the retreat is over if you should choose to make holiday on the island.

Bravone, Corsica, France (The temperatures are around 23-24 °C in October).

Number of participants:
Minimum 20 and maximum 35 people. The administration will confirm at least 1 month in advance if there are enough participants for the retreat to happen. Please take this into consideration when booking your ticket.

€ 795,-. (Business rate is € 995,-). This fee includes all meals during the 5-day workshop, but is excluding costs for travel and accommodation.

This will be an international group and the main language will be English. If you feel insecure about your language skills, don’t let that stop you. Get in touch with Kirsten ( to talk about it.

You will have the opportunity to receive Rebalancing sessions before and after the group.

For questions you can connect with Kirsten Storm,, 00316-52678312


Cancellation policy

Retreats abroad:
1.1 If participant cancels, up to 1 month before the start, participant pays € 150,00 administrative costs.
1.2 If cancelled within 1 month before the start, up to 1 week before the start, participant pays 50% of the cost.
1.3 In case of cancellation within 1 week prior to, or after the start, the participant pays 100% of the cost.
1.4 the cost for accommodation and travel are for the account and risk of the participant.


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